Hello, we are Zsaklin and Zoltan

Zoltan: I started out as an accountant in Hungary at KPMG working on audits. I was initially drawn into the world of finance, and at every opportunity I tried to use my creativity with IT to be more efficient. I changed jobs, countries and built a successful career in this field, including completing an MBA. After 11 years I reached a burnout phase, and started thinking of becoming an inventor / entrepreneur. I started taking contract jobs in the finance and IT world, building entrepreneurial muscles, facing and working with the uncertainty and variety of this world.

Meanwhile, I was searching for something more. I got into contact with coaching, and then one thing after another I completed a leadership development course where I discovered a new vision, and it finally enabled me to take bold steps into a new direction.

Now I am dedicating more and more of my time to our new adventure projects, utilising the gifts of Nature and living out my creativity.

What matters to me is that through my creativity and enthusiasm I give meaningful experiences to people in which they can relax into their playful selves, while leaving with new knowledge about themselves. Simply to enjoy life.


I am a certified life-coach and leadership trainer with 9 years of experience in finance and project management. I moved from Finance to coaching because I realised that I cared about people more than I cared about numbers. I am passionate about people and I love creating environments where people can relax, grow and have fun. As human beings, we have a mind, body and soul and we are naturally drawn to play. These adventures are a way for you to play not just in your head, but move your body and discover something about who you are.

“A day surrounded by nature right next to Barcelona.
Walking and treasure hunting was very pleasant with an accessible level of difficulty. We were able to do the activity with our five year old son.
We were delighted and will be happy to return.”
“I have participated in two adventures that Zoltan has organised. Both of them were particularly interesting and insightful as Zoltan manages to take a radically different approach to the traditional team-building exercises. Zoltan has you think completely out of the box and makes it great fun too!!”
“Zoltan is a fun and structured workshop leader! He makes the creativity and fun, bonding cooperation develop in each and one of the participants.”
“I enjoyed a lot with the experience “play with the body” realised by Zoltan. It is an exercise that connects with his humour and gave very important values: breaks ice, connected the whole group, permit people to lead from front or behind, and creativity. Result was general satisfaction of our “performance ” or work. It also increased our self esteem.”
“The workshop led by Zoltan was a combination of fun exploration in nature and learning. I had a great time – and reflecting afterwards it was so amazing to realize how much I learned about myself, teams and leadership in this light, easy and playful way!!! Thank you, Zoltan!”
Fantástica, divertida, unión, emocionante
A group of enthusiastic teachers