The Quest of the Scarlet Cells against the Madness

“Professor Macabeu, working in his farmland, discovered the antidote of Madness. But the evil agents of Sr. Loco have broken into the professor’s lab, destroyed it to ruins, and have stolen part of the formula. The professor however was smart enough to split the formula into two parts beforehand, and has hidden the other part somewhere in the forest. He has left clues for the team of the “Scarlet Cells” to track it down and guard it until he is able to redevelop the stolen part and release the medicine to the world.

You, members of the “Scarlet Cells”, must form scavenger teams and spread out to find the clues, do any work necessary to untangle them and help the professor to produce the formula and have a lasting impact on the World”.

Welcome to the Treasure Hunt!