¿Now What? Post-Covid

We help companies find their way in the post-COVID world through adventurous outdoor learning.

Are you concerned about how your team will work together as you start returning to the office? Where you are going to put people with social distancing, what situations you walk back into, how you will manage home working or how your industry will change? In short, are you wondering ¿Now what? We are too, that’s why we created the ¿Now What? Project. We are Zoltan and Zsaklin, a couple of an accountant turned adventurer and an accountant turned life coach. We are the ¿Now What? Project and we take teams out on our 47-hectare uninterrupted land for a day of adventurous outdoor learning. (Indiana Jones meets personal development.) Travelling through an adventure-based story […]

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KIDS’ Treasure hunts

Come for an afternoon to our forest land and hunt for treasure! When was the last time you played freely and connected with your kids that way? We design the story line from scratch and never repeat the same story. We use what your children are already passionate about, for example superheroes, cars, football, drawing, princesses…etc and build the mission of the treasure-hunt around it. It’s really fun.:-)

We are Zoltan and Zsaklin, husband and wife, with a 7.5 year old boy. We have been ‘trained’ by our son, who unless we think up something that is super-exciting and super-fun, would just prefer to play video games all day. Sounds familiar? Appropriate to any age from 5 years old till adulthood. Available on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 3-7pm from 12 July 2020 to 23 August 2020.

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Adult Treasure hunts

From solving puzzles, reading maps to being the detective or archaeologist, the choices are endless

Recreational treasure hunts , combining the vastness of the land with the possibilities that the fresh air provides. The story line is always unique and is created based on the participants’ desires, archetypes and problems to solve.

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