¿Now What? Post-Covid

We help companies find their way in the post-COVID world through adventurous outdoor learning.
  • Are you concerned about how your team will work together as you start returning to the office?
  • Where you are going to put people with social distancing, what situations you walk back into, how you will manage home working or how your industry will change?
  • In short, are you wondering ¿Now what?

We are too, that’s why we created the ¿Now What? Project.

We are Zoltan and Zsaklin, a couple of an accountant turned adventurer and an accountant turned life coach. We are the ¿Now What? Project and we take teams out on our 47-hectare uninterrupted land for a day of adventurous outdoor learning. (Indiana Jones meets personal development.)

Travelling through an adventure-based story will be the skeleton for your day. As you progress through the story, you will go through interactive exercises and group learning activities that will be so seamlessly integrated into the story, it will just feel like play. You will spend a day in nature within driving distance from Barcelona (and Tarragona) on a beautiful 47-hectare natural forest with many hidden treasures. The day will bring your team together in a safe way as there are plenty of space to keep social distancing, while they can get reconnected, re-energised AND grow as individuals and as a team. It will be an effortless way of learning and practicing skills that will help you navigate your post COVID work challenges.