Reconnecting teams

We help companies develop and appreciate their teams through adventure-story based outdoor experiences.
  • Lost connection within your team?
  • Need to solve a complex strategic problem?
  • Want a team entertainment but with purposeful learning?

Immersing your team into an outdoor treasure hunt, you will go through interactive exercises and group learning activities that are seamlessly integrated into the story. It just feels like play. You will spend a half or full day in nature near Barcelona on a beautiful and large natural forest with many hidden treasures.

The day will bring your team together in a safe way, spreading out in the vast land or don those masks just for a quick challenge, while they can get reconnected, re-energised AND grow as individuals and as a team. It will be an effortless way of learning and practicing skills that will help you navigate your most pressing challenges, or to just show your appreciation for your team in a different way.