KIDS’ Treasure hunts

Come for an afternoon to our forest land and hunt for treasure! When was the last time you played freely and connected with your kids that way? We create our own fantasy world and may also build in what your own children are passionate about.

We have been ‘trained’ by our 7.5-year old son, who unless we think up something
that is super-exciting and super-fun, would just prefer to play video games all
day. Sounds familiar?

Appropriate to 5-8 year-olds and 9-12 years of age.

Best if they already hang out together but we’ve worked with strangers before, too.


Birthday parties!

We design a personalised treasure hunt for your children and their friends. It’s
100% unique and personal to the birthday boy/girl.

We will talk to you and ask you questions about your child. What are they like, what do they enjoy, what do they find funny…etc? And we craft an
unforgettable experience for them.

If they get a present from you, we can incorporate it into the treasure hunt and the present can be the treasure.

If you want a different, safer and more meaningful way to celebrate your
child’s birthday, this is it.

We are parents ourselves and understand how much you want a birthday party for your child that is unforgettable and meaningful. The treasury hunt we design for your child, is for them only and will not be repeated for others. Ever.