Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I leave my children at the treasure hunt and leave?
A: No. The experience is designed for kids and parents to have fun together. It is an opportunity for you to play and the children will need your help. One adult can have a maximum of 3 children under their care.

Q: What specific measures are you taking to minimise COVID risks?
A: 1) We offer a fully outdoor experience in nature, which has the lowest risk.
2) Before the activities any materials we prepare we always disinfect, wear masks and wash hands while handling them.
3) We ask you to bring your own food and drinks giving you full control over them.
4) We utilise the large open space offered by the land to spread out and activities will be done with keeping 2 metres distance between participants who are not from the same family.
5) Where closer co-operation would improve the enjoyment of the activities, we will require you to wear masks and disinfect your hands. We will provide hand sanitisers with us.
6) We are a married couple living together which reduces our own risk of infection. We always keep a 2-metre distance from you or will wear masks. 7) We will have hand sanitisers with us for your use before and after eating, starting and finishing, and every time you need to remove or put on the mask.
8) We will ask you to carry a mask in a paper sack in which you can store it when not used.
9) If any participant feels sick or have COVID-like symptoms, do not participate as you would do with any other organised activity. Depending on your conditions we either refund your part of the cost or reschedule to another day. Call us immediately so we can agree the best outcome.

Q: What if we don’t understand something in English?
A: We will either describe the unknown words in English so you can learn, too; or explain it in Spanish. Part of the fun is that you work together with your kids and friends, and someone will always be able to help you. This day is not about performance, it’s about fun! Just relax, enjoy and if you make a mistake, laugh at yourself. 🙂

Q: Will there be food and drinks provided?
A: No. Due to the COVID situation we feel it is the safest if you bring your own. Prepare for 3-4 hour-worth of drinks and food. We will make time for it.

Q: What if it rains or it is too hot?
A: If it is light rain, bring waterproof clothing. If the weather forecast the day before is heavy rain, we will reschedule it within the next 2 months. If we are unable to reschedule, we will refund the payment. In terms of heat and sunshine, we will mainly stay under shades provided by large pine trees in the hottest hours. And you must apply sun screen before you arrive.

Q: What toilet and sanitary facilities are available?
A: We are in pure nature, which creates the beauty of the experience. We have no fixed toilet facilities as a result. We ask you to use nature just as you would when hiking in nature. We will have sacks for rubbish so we leave nature clear.

Q: What are you doing to preserve nature?
A: We care for what we own with love. We don’t leave rubbish behind and we don’t leave any fixed feature that would create a mess or disturb wild life. You will enter a land that is more than just a forest with fun activities. Our vision for this 47-ha land is to bring life back here, starting from renovating the stone masia and mainly using green energy, growing organic grapes and other herbs and fruits to having lots of community events and so much more. All these will have the nature in mind so we can all enjoy it.

Q: What if I am late in arriving?
A: It is rural land, and while we will give you the best instructions possible, you may get lost for the first time. Allow an extra 15-20 minutes to find your way here. If you arrive late, we will incorporate you in the adventure in the most seamless way. In any way, we do not want for you to miss out the fun, so arrive on time please!

Q: What shall we bring to the adventure?
A: Please use this as a check-list before you leave:
Hat Lunch & snacks
One mask per person
Water for 4 hours

Q: How shall we dress?
A: Wear clothes that you wouldn’t be sad to make dirty, get paint on or damage. This afternoon will be about fully enjoying creative activities in nature and all your focus should be on having fun and finding the treasure, not on protecting your clothes. Seriously, we will be wearing our ‘adventure-clothes’, which are old T-shirts with holes on!!

Q: What time will we finish exactly?
A: We aim to finish at 19:00, but because it’s impossible to predict how long it will take you to find the treasure, allow an extra half an hour at least. We will let you complete your mission comfortably, and celebrate your success, so we recommended that you keep the evening free, so you don’t have to be on time.